Solid tires from SolidBoss eliminate flats
and costly downtime.

If you are searching for durable solid tires, you will want to contact SolidBoss. The patented technology we build into our tires will increase your productivity and profit without sacrificing a smooth ride for man and machine. And we offer a wide variety of solid tires. These include skid steer tires, solid loader tires, telehandler tires, backhoe tires, custom solid tires. To meet the challenges of your construction, scrap waste, or other heavy industry use, contact a friendly and knowledgeable SolidBoss representative to match the perfect tire to your needs.

Our Focus Is Keeping You On The Job With The Right Tires

SolidBoss has been manufacturing solid alternatives to pneumatic tires for over a decade, providing solutions to downtime caused by untimely flats and repairs. As customers have communicated new requirements, we have sought innovative and effective solutions, from providing pneumatic telehandler tires where solid tires might not be necessary, to Foam-filling tires. Contact Us using this form or call us at (888)258-7252 to explain your application and requirements.

Built to withstand common and harsh environments, our puncture proof tires are ideal for use in wide range of applications, such as construction, industrial, farm, foundries, waste transfer, recycling plants, mining, scrap yards and other applications.

It doesn’t matter if you seek a pneumatic skid steer tire alternative, a set of heavy duty construction tires, an alternative for Bobcat tires, earth mover tires, SolidBoss can meet your needs. We provide you with tires that help you avoid costly downtime and repairs, and get a smooth ride for operator and machine. Let us show you how our tires can help you save on your operating costs.

Most manufacturers, tire distributors and dealers sell either solid aperture tires, or expanded wheel solid tires. At SolidBoss, we offer them all, enabling us to find the right solution for your application, rather than selling you what we need you to buy. We will even meet your need for custom solid tires.

Available in a variety of sizes, tread patterns and construction, SolidBoss flat proof tires work for a variety of applications and on virtually all OEM equipment. Call us for more information or request a quote.

View all applications for our heavy equipment tires and custom tires.

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