Our Solid Backhoe Tires Optimize Your Work

solid backhoe tiresOur solid backhoe tires selections include our aperture tires and expanded wheel solids. Our loader backhoe tires feature heavy-duty rubber construction and high-traction treads. They also provide you with stable and responsive backhoe operation and no flats, ever.

SolidBoss sets the standard for high value in solid and aperture tires, backhoe tires, and construction tires. In fact, if your backhoes or other equipment are riding on SolidBoss, you can be confident you are getting the lowest cost-per-hour of operation. Therefore, you can run your equipment and maximize billable hours and reduce overhead. 

Now is the time to switch to solids. Our tires outlast industry standards. Along with eliminating the cost of repairing flats, including downtime, switching to our backhoe tires is a smart move.

Finally, SolidBoss tires are competitively priced to add even more value. Call a knowledgeable SolidBoss representative today for more information on backhoe tires, or submit the quote request form.