No air, no flat tires, no downtime. It’s no problem with SolidBoss Aperture tires.

The unique SolidBoss technology ensures that our full-depth aperture tires achieve long wear, good traction and a soft ride, providing performance and cushioning for man and machine, without the “bounce” and instability of pneumatic tires. These non-pneumatic tires, or air free tires, maximize your productivity and lower your operating cost.

“I felt my skid loader skid and maneuver with total stability and comfort. No bouncing. Great traction. I’m sold on SolidBoss!” Jim – Concrete Business – Covington, GA

Our tires are more stable than standard, pneumatic, construction tires and industrial tires serving various purposes, such as skid steer tires, standard and rough terrain forklift tires, tractor loader backhoe or tractor tires, telehandler press on tires, etc. SolidBoss aperture tires offer one of the lowest cost-per-hours of operation among the leading solid tire brands. Put them on all your equipment and know that you are operating the most cost-efficient tires available.

A variety of tread patterns (right hand column) allows operators and dealers to match the right tire for the job, every time. If you need assistance with selecting the right tread pattern or sizes for solid forklift tires, tractor loader backhoe tires or skid loader, Call SolidBoss for exceptional knowledge and service.


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