Tested in tough environments, our Expanded Wheel flat proof tires are a solid choice.

If your harsh environment call for solid wheel loader tires, tests have proven that SolidBoss offers a low cost per hour of operation compared to all other leading solid tire brands. Our tough, heavy-duty expanded wheel solid tires are designed to meet your expectations of performance in harsh industrial applications, such as foundries, recycling plants, waste transfer, mining, and scrap yards. And you’ll benefit well beyond reducing downtime due to flats. By increasing the outer dimension of the OEM rim, we can reduce the amount of rubber, therefore, the cost of the tire. Plus, less rubber means less weight, which results in savings on fuel and reduced strain on equipment. Our solid tires also outlast pneumatic tires because the rubber tread is much deeper.

Choose the tread pattern to maximize performance and comfort

A wide variety of tread patterns (right hand column) allows operators, dealers and OEMs to match the right flat proof tires for the job, every time. If you need assistance with selecting the right tread pattern and sizes for solid forklift tires, tractor loader backhoe tires or skid steer loader tires, etc., call SolidBoss for exceptional knowledge and service.

Custom tires for virtually any equipment

At your request, we will customize a solution to meet your application. This includes providing computer-cut tread patterns for better traction to smoother roll. We also offer aperture hole tires and extra-deep or full-depth solids for improved rider comfort and shock absorption.