(includes SolidBoss and AirBoss brand tires)

Workmanship and Material Coverage:

  • Tires replaced free within first 10% of tread wear.
  • Wheels replaced free within first 90-days and prorated for 2 years after free replacement period.
  • Prorated coverage on tires (to 2mm tread depth)

Abuse and Overload not covered

Warranty Claims:
Due to the variety of conditions which SolidBoss and AirBoss Tires are used; the following is required for warranty claims to be reviewed by SolidBoss:

  • Hours on machine and date of installation (from maintenance records)
  • Application machine is being used in (picture required)
  • Serial number on tire (picture required)
  • Warranty issue with tire on the machine (picture required)
  • Hour meter reading on machine at the time the picture of the warranty issue was taken (picture required)
  • All of required documentation above needs to be emailed to:
  • information@SolidBoss.com
  • “Warranties” in subject line