Scrap Metal Equipment Tires

Heavy Equipment Solid TireThere are many companies that create Equipment Tires for scrap metal vehicles but not all that have been in the industry as long as solid boss has. SolidBoss has been creating wonderful tires for equipment vehicles for the past 10 years. SolidBoss offers amazing equipment tires for your scrap metal equipment vehicle. Solid boss creates efficient tires for your scrap metal equipment vehicles that will not fail, puncture or have any ill effects from the scrap metal yard conditions. Which feature tires for all vehicles in the scrap yard. Take another look at all that SolidBoss has to offer.

Whether you’re looking for a long-lasting tire, a tire that won’t go flat or a tire that won’t be punctured by scrap metal pieces on the ground you can find that tire from SolidBoss. Scrap metal yards can be filled with debris Nails pieces of metal and all sorts of other scraps that could puncture pneumatic tires easily with solid boss you don’t have to worry about that with solid tires for your scrap metal equipment vehicles.

Update your whole fleet of scrap metal vehicles to our solid skid steer tires to keep your tires rolling. A solid choice for scrap yard applications. If you are looking for the best driving experience solid tires are for you. Maximize performance and stability on skid loaders with solid tires that keep your skid steer equipment constantly moving. Solid tires are built to be the most reliable and to withstand the pressure of heavy duty work. Our tires have been built for years to survive and are unmatched in durability, performance and quality.

SolidBoss no flat tire designs work for a variety of applications and on all OEM equipment & vehicles. Shop all our options on our website or call 888-258-7252 to get a consultation today.

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