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The Best Solid Tires

The best solid tires offer the best value. You weigh value by the criteria of longest lasting, most durable and the most affordable. Web searches flood you with hundreds of results for many tire companies. However, SolidBoss offers the highest performing products.  Dedicated To Long Tire Life Get tires that are durable for long wear… Read more »

Scrap Vehicle Equipment Tires

The scrapyard can be a technical and dangerous place and it requires tires that will withstand puncture and small pieces of debris and pieces of metal. Each SolidBoss tire is specifically size to match your scrapyard vehicle and is built to be solid so that it can withstand any debris that your scrapyard may contain…. Read more »

Scrap Yard Equipment Tires

Scrap yard equipment requires high performance tires that are puncture-resistant and won’t get cut by small pieces of debris, nails and screws covering the ground. You can rest assured knowing that the long lasting tires that you’ve purchased for your equipment will last a lifetime and will stop from any down time needed for changing… Read more »

Heavy Equipment Solid Tire

Solid boss offers an excellent selection of heavy duty equipment vehicle solid tires. Heavy vehicles require a heavy duty tire that with withstand the pressures of active daily use. Sometimes aggressive or extended use on pneumatic tires will not withstand the passing of time. Our solid tires withstand any condition, any surface and do not… Read more »

Bobcat Solid Tires

So you’ve got a bobcat or a small skid steer vehicle that requires some new tires. Update that vehicle with the best solid tires for Bobcat and small skid steer vehicles. The terrain can change and the conditions may vary when using Bobcats and other similar Vehicles outside or on the workshop floor. Don’t pass… Read more »

Scrap Metal Equipment Tires

Many companies create Equipment Tires for scrap metal vehicles. Few have been in the industry as long as SolidBoss. SolidBoss has created solid scrap yard tires for almost two decades. SolidBoss offers amazing equipment tires for your scrap metal equipment vehicle. Solid boss creates high quality tires for your scrap metal equipment vehicles that will… Read more »

Heavy Equipment Solid Tires

Solid boss offers excellent heavy equipment solid tires that are built with the best quality tire technology. Our solid tires are built for heavy vehicles and vehicles working in rough conditions. SolidBoss tires have the ability to withstand all weather and surface conditions and offer different size and patterns to match your terrain. Heavy equipment… Read more »

High Quality Solid Tires

SolidBoss offers exceptional solid skid steer tires that are built with quality-first tire technology. Solid tires are built better with high quality materials that are durable through challenging environments and can handle long wear. Our solid skid steer tires increase performance with tread patterns custom designed to maximize your driving experience. Solid tires are the… Read more »

Performance Solid Skid Steer Tires

Solid tires are built with high quality natural rubber content. That means our tires will last longer and perform in difficult environments. Our solid skid steer tires are built to tackle tough terrain that may be found on construction sites, scrap metal yards and more. Your heavy duty work equipment and vehicles will ride better… Read more »

Affordable Skid Steer Solid Tires

Solid skid steer tires offer you an affordable solutions for replacing your old air filled or pneumatic tires. Solid tires from SolidBoss tire weigh more then a normal air filled tire. What this does for you in adds a great little bit of extra weight to your vehicle. This give you better control and handling… Read more »