The Best Solid Tires

The Best Solid TiresThe best solid tires offer the best value. You weigh value by the criteria of longest lasting, most durable and the most affordable. Many people who search for them are flooded with hundreds of results for many different companies. However, SolidBoss offers the highest performing solutions. 

Dedicated To Long Tire Life

Get tires that are durable for long wear cycles. For example, we have a variety of solid tires built for varying workloads. You can roll through any work-site with ease knowing that you are riding on flat proof solids. We are dedicated to making tires that perform better for your heavy duty vehicles. We built tough tires that can endure scrap metal and even nail penetration. Therefore, we guarantee our high quality tires. We make tires with natural rubber using unique tire compounds that result in a superior product. SolidBoss tires’ sturdy performance will save you time and costs as they eliminate costs of operating on pneumatics resultinf in tire failures, flats and down time. Solid tires reduce operational costs over the life of the tires and have been test-proven to be the low cost per hour of operation tire.

Improve Performance and Stability

Maximize performance and stability on skid loaders with solid tires that keep your skid steer equipment constantly moving. SolidBoss tires are built to be the most reliable and to withstand the pressure of heavy duty work. Our tires have been built to survive. Therefore, they are unmatched in durability, performance and quality. Update your whole fleet of heavy duty vehicles to our solid skid steer tires to keep your equipment moving quickly, powerfully and efficiently.

SolidBoss no flat tire designs work for a variety of applications and on all OEM equipment and vehicles. Shop all our options on our website or call 888-258-7252 to get a consultation today.

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