Solid Skid Steer Expandable Tires

Solid Skid Steer Aperture TiresWhen buying solid skid steer tires you may be interested in our expandable skid steer tires. These tires are specifically designed to be used in scrap yards, waste management stations, recycling plants and demolition.

These expandable skid steer tires are basically solid rubber and are best used on flat solid surfaces. When working in recycling or scrap plants the floor is usually concrete or a flat surface. Using our expandable skid steer tires offers you great traction and stability. Where a aperture tire is better used outdoors on natural surfaces.

Matting perfectly to the surface our expandable skid steer tires will work great in all indoor or flat surface facilities. Our expandable tires come in a wide variety of sizes and will fit almost all oem vehicles not just skid steers. Browse all our products and get expandable solid skid steer tires on your fleet of vehicles today.

Choose from a variety of tread patterns, tire sizes and materials to maximize your productivity and lower your operating costs today.

SolidBoss offers several options for Solid Skid Steer Expandable Tires. Each tire offers unique characteristics like better traction, softer compounds and extra durability. Shop all our options on our website or call 888-258-7252 to get a consultation today.

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