Solid Skid Steer Tires

Solid Skid Steer TiresSolid skid steer tires by SolidBoss offer flexibility, long lasting performance and durability for your work vehicle. There are many options in the marketplace for solid skid steer tires but when it comes to a reliable tire that withstands all weather conditions the solid skid steer tires from us are the Boss.

The efficiencies and cost-savings you will experience when operating on solid skid steer tires will save you serious money. They provide a smooth ride for drivers and machines and look excellent on your fleet.

There is no more worrying about flat or punctured tires. Solid skid steer tires withstand punctures from nails and other debris that may be found around your workplace. No more showing up to a job site and having to fiddle around and replace tires that may have gone flat for a number of reason. The reliability of our solid skid steer tires will increase efficiently and greatly reduce downtime.

SolidBoss offers several options for solid skid steer tires. Each tire offers unique characteristics like better winter traction, traction on soft surfaces and road drivable tires. Shop all our options on our website or call 888-258-7252 to get a consultation today.

Solid skid steer tires are available in a variety of sizes, tread patterns and construction. SolidBoss flat proof tires work for a variety of applications and on virtually all OEM equipment.

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